Korean Potato Cheese Pancake

Korean Potato Cheese Pancake
makes 7 pancakes

2 medium russet potatoes OR 1 4oz package instant potatoes prepared according to packaging
1 tsp salt for boiling water
1/3 Cup cornstarch (rice flour or regular flour can work here too)
1 Tbsp white granulated sugar
1/2 tsp salt
100g mozzarella cheese
1 Tbsp dried parsley garnish


Make Potato Dough
1. Wash, peel, and chop potatoes into chunks.
2. Transfer potatoes to boiling water with 1 tsp of salt and cook for 15-18 mins, or until tender.
3. Drain and mash potatoes until super smooth.
4. Add cornstarch, sugar, and salt. Mix until a solid dough is formed. There should be no residue on your finger when the dough is poked. If the dough is too wet, then place in the fridge for 30 mins to firm up.

Form the Pancakes
1. Pack the shredded cheese into a rounded Tablespoon to make 7 compact balls.
2. Roll 1/4 cup of dough into a ball, flatten it with your palms.
3. Place 1 ball of cheese in the center.
4. Gradually squeeze the perimeter of the dough into the middle, moulding and compacting it into a sphere.
5. Flatten the cheese-filled ball with your palms, and round the edges to make it a perfectly circular shape. The final product should measure 1.5 cm thick and have a 6 cm diameter.

Fry the Pancakes
1. Fill a non-stick pan with vegetable oil until the entire pan gets coated, turn the heat to low.
2. Shallow fry the pancakes for 4-5 minutes on each side. The pancakes should start sizzling in the oil after 30 seconds, but if it sizzles immediately, then your oil is too hot.
3. Once golden and crispy on both sides, transfer to wire rack to cool.
4. Garnish with dried parsley on each pancakes.
5. Eat immediately,

- Use 1 4oz package of instant potatoes prepared according to packet instructions.

- Try stuffing it with a different cheese, some ham, or whatever you'd like.

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