Lemon Chicken Spinach

Lemon Chicken with Spinach - Vincenzo's Plate
4 servings

2 Chicken Breasts
Extra Virgin Olive oil
2 cloves of Garlic
3 - 3 inch Sprigs of Rosemary
½ Glass of White wine
½ Glass of Water
1 Lemon
Baby Spinach

1. Slice through the chicken from the side and make some small fillets
2. Then cut each one into small wedges around 2cm wide
3. Put chicken inside a zip lock bag and add a generous amount of flour. Shake the bag around so that the flour cover each piece of chicken
4. Place a medium size saucepan on the stove top and drizzle some olive oil on top
5. Once it heats up, add the chicken piece by piece
6. Once the bottom of each piece starts to brown, turn it over to cook the other side you will need to do this a few times, so that the chicken cooks through. You can turn them using a pair of tongs
7. The flour will create a nice cream
8. Get 2 cloves of garlic, squash them using you hands and add them in, along with some salt, pepper and rosemary. Mix well
9. Add 100ml of white wine and continue to allow the chicken to simmer
10. The wine will evaporate and infuse into the chicken. Add ½ glass of water so that the chicken can finish cooking
11. Squeeze a lemon over the top.
12. After about 5 minutes remove the rosemary and place the chicken on a plate
13. Using the same saucepan, add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and then throw the baby spinach in it.
14. You can use as much spinach as you like, but just remember, it will shrink!
15. Once it is ready, put it into a nice plate tight in the middle creating a bed for the chicken
16. Layer the chicken on top
17. Garnish the dish with a few lemon wedges that can be squeezed if desired for some extra flavor

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