9 Organic Lemons
1 Liter Grey Goose or other vodka (use Everclear if you want it stronger, but it won’t be as smooth)
1.5 Liter water
700g white sugar


Step One
1. Wash the lemons thoroughly.
2. Peel the lemons, making sure to get as little of the white part of the lemon as possible. (Using a "Y" peeler works best. Peel the bottom half of the lemon, peeling from the middle to the bottom all around the lemon. Then, flip it over and repeat.)
3. Place the lemon skins in a big jar.
4. Add the alcohol.
5. Seal the jar and let it infuse for 20 days.

The lemons need to soak for 20 days in order to be bold yellow in color and full of flavor.

Step Two
1. Bring 1.5 liters of water to a light boil.
2. Once barely boiling, add the white sugar.
3. Remove from heat and stir until clear.
4. Let the water cool for a couple hours.
5. Once the water is cool, place a strainer over the pot and pour the marinated yellow alcohol through the strainer into the water.
6. Pour about 1/2 cup of cold water into the jar, mix it around and add it to the mix. This will get the most flavor out of the lemon mix.
7. Now mix the limoncello really well for a couple of minutes.

Step Three
1. Using a funnel and a ladle, fill up empty glass bottles with the limoncello. You should have about 3 liters of limoncello.
2. Put one bottle of limoncello in the fridge and store the other ones in a dry cool place, or store them all in a fridge if you have the room.

Serve the Limoncello in small glasses. Even better, place small glasses in the freezer 20 minutes before you plan to drink.

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