Limoncello Cream

Limoncello Cream

9 organic lemons
1 Liter 95% pure alcohol
2 Liters milk
½ tsp vanilla powder or extract
2.2 lbs (1 Kg) granulated white sugar


Marinate the Lemons
1. Slice off the end of the lemons with a sharp knife.
2. Peel the lemons in a spiral while making sure to cut as little of the white off of the lemon as possible. The peels should be very thin.
3. Place the peels in a large container.
4. Pour the alcohol over the lemon peels.
5. Tighten the lid to prevent evaporation and let the alcohol marinate in a cool dark place for 15 days.
6. Shake the mixture periodically to let the ingredients incorporate.

Make the Cream
1. Place the milk, sugar, and vanilla in a large pot over low/medium low heat until the sugar dissolves.
2. Once the sugar has dissolved, remove from heat and cover.
3. Let cool completely.

Add the Alcohol
1. Once cream mixture is COMPLETELY cool, pour marinated alcohol through a strainer into the pot to prevent the rind from falling in.
2. Stir mixture together.
3. Spoon a small amount of the mix back into the container with the peels. Mix around to extract all remaining alcohol and pour it through the strainer back into the cream mix.
4. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
5. Use a ladle and a funnel to pour the cream into glass bottle. Leave space in the bottle for the mixture to expand. Don’t fill them to the all the way to the top.
6. Seal the bottles.
7. Let the mixture freeze while periodically moving bottles around to incorporate the limoncello.

Remove bottles from the freezer and pour them into small shot glasses. Limoncello will keep in the freezer for more than a year – if you let it last that long.

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