Pounding Meat Flat

Pounding Meat Flat

Parchment paper will allow the meat to flatten nicely. If you don't have parchment paper, plastic wrap will do, but it's a bit messier.

If the meat has a smooth side, as in the case of chicken breast, place the smooth side down.

When pounding any cut of meat flat, it is important to wet the surface. This will allow the meat to spread out more easily.

For Tender Cuts: A thick bottomed pan will work best to flatten the meat evenly. Don't use it like a hammer, approach the meat as squarely as possible. Tap it with the full bottom of the pan, not the corner.
For Mid Cuts: The flat side of a tenderizing mallet allows the meat to be pounded without breaking it up. Great for pork, or tender steaks.
For Tough Cuts: The pointed sides of a tenderizing mallet are for really tough cuts of meat like beef chuck or mutton.

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